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Damon & Invisible Braces

Dr Doina Vulcu is our Specialist in Orthodontics and she has been working at Ferndale Dental Clinic, Devizes since 2013.

Having completed 3 years of postgraduate training in Orthodontics and qualifying as a Specialist Orthodontist 10 years ago, she has been a GDC registered specialist in Orthodontics since 2010.

At Ferndale Dental Clinic we accept orthodontic treatment referrals for adults and children on a private basis. The eligibility of children under 18 years of age for NHS orthodontic treatment will be assessed using the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) so patients can make an informed decision regarding further NHS or private treatment. At Ferndale we provide only private orthodontic treatments. The Damon low-friction system is used by Dr Vulcu, as the passive self-ligating brackets allow freedom of movement and thus faster results with gentler forces. It is the biologically sensible way to improve tooth position and facial aesthetics.

The Damon® System of low-friction passive self-ligating brackets, hi-tech light-force arch wires and minimally invasive treatment protocols is clinically proven to deliver remarkable advantages for patients, including extraordinary results with greater patient comfort.

Don’t want to be seen in braces?

Incognito ™ braces are also available at Ferndale. These lingual (tongue side) braces are virtually invisible from the outside as they are bonded to the back of the teeth.

Invisalign ™ system straightens teeth with the use of custom made clear aligners which are changed at two weekly intervals until the required result is achieved. Again, they are almost invisible from the outside.

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