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Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth can make such a difference to your appearance – a brighter smile gets you noticed and creates a memorable impression. Achieving a whiter smile is easy these days, with a range of safe and effective products available through your dentist. Be aware of products sold through any other outlet – only dental professionals are legally allowed to carry out tooth whitening procedures.

At Ferndale we offer the White Dental Beauty home tooth whitening system which removes surface staining and lightens the teeth from within.

  • White Dental Beauty contains the highest percentage of professional peroxide available to achieve the maximum whitening effect
  • White Dental Beauty gels are proven to be safe, effective and produce visible results in less than one week

The system includes custom made whitening trays and a professional demonstration of the method of use.

We also offer a convenient, ready-to-use whitening system which is delivered in individually wrapped trays which custom-form to your mouth. Called Opalescence Go, this system is so easy to use but still effective, and is ideal for travelling or top ups.

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