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4We have an established team of experienced hygienists/therapists who are available each day to provide professional cleaning and to educate patients on the best way to keep their teeth plaque free. They are all extremely patient and gentle, and will proceed only at a comfortable pace for each individual patient. Private appointments are at least 30 minutes long, allowing plenty of time for a thorough clean without rushing.

Treatment is by a combination of excellent cleaning at home and by regular professional cleaning above and below the gums. Hygienists will guide you on the best methods and products to help you and maximise your oral health, keeping your teeth strong and encouraging fresher breath. Neglecting gum health can lead to other general health problems including heart problems later in life.

The amount and frequency of treatment required will depend on the severity of your condition. At Ferndale, we have a range of hygiene appointments to meet differing clinical needs. If you have not seen a hygienist recently, a “Booster” appointment is appropriate to cover all aspects of oral care, dietary advice and demonstration of brushing and flossing techniques. “Essential” appointments are for regular maintenance and include a thorough clean of upper and lower teeth, a brightening polish and advice on home maintenance routines. Some patients have more significant periodontal disease which is indicated by bone loss and deep pocketing around the teeth – left untreated, tooth loss will probably occur. We offer “Intensive” appointments for these patients where the gums are in effect disinfected with antibiotic therapy and deep scaling and cleaning.

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